JFY (Just For You) Katie and I made a BIG list of reasons why to send us your pics and vids!!!!!!
HERE WE GO!!!!!!
(1.) If we like your video or photo enuff.... we may show it on MyKatieandRachel!!!!!
(2.) Your video or photo may be named the BEST video of the month!!!!
(3.) You (MyKatieandRachel fan) may be named best video fan of the month for sending us the most best, crazy or wild videos!!!!!
(4.) You Best video will be on the clip saying your user-name, and stuff about your video. If you send pics of yourself we may even put up a pic with it!!!!

-Rules And Guidelines for sending video: Less then 5 minutes, don't say
show any names, street names, address, e-mails, or phone number don't say or
 show anything bad, don't have clothing with bad words, or logos on them, don't
do anything dangerous, stay close to the camera (Not TOO close, but close
enought where we can see your face, speak loud and clear, don't have loud noice, or camotion in the background, keep a backup copy for yourself, (cauze we can't send your video or photo back to you, makesure your video looks and sounds good, if not try again and make it better! Rules for sending photo: Don't send anything bad, keep a backup copy for yourself!!!! JUST REMEMBER: If your parents dosn't sign the forms below we will send your video back to you without watching it! If you have more than just you in the video, mention there name!:

Your videos you send in (If we LOVE you video) will be show here below!!!! Go check it out!!!!!

Thanx for Reading!!!!
- Rachel + Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!