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BONUS BLOG!!! An Interview With A Hobo!!!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, January 30, 2010,
SO.... This week we have an awesome, amazing, super-cool BONUS BLOG bout' our (Katie and Rachels) Interview with a HOBO!!!! OH...... Yeah!!!! DA INTERVIEW WITH DA HOBO!!! How better could DA Bonus Blogs be?
Katie - SO.... Your a HOBO!?
Hobo - DA, UHHHHHHH, What de-?
Rachel - You ARE a hobo, SO.... What does it feel like being hobo-ish? Does it feel... UH, sticky?
Katie - Okey, What is the strangest things that took place in your life.... OFCOURS...

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Rachel Blog! RANDOMNESS!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, January 30, 2010,

Yo peeps!!!! Its the 1/2 of MyKatieandRachel, OFCOURSE. I be Rachel!!!! And this weeks blog!!! (MY BLOG)! :) is TOTALY random!!!! (Un-Random FREE!!! I think you'll like it!!! :*) First, some QUESTION-ALOT peeps have been sending us LOTS of questions!!! SO.... I will answer a few for ''Random Week'' Just to be fun!!!
When did Katie and I meet?
Where happy people asked!!!! Well... We met at christmas time!!! She came over to my house, we played, have BUNCHES, of fun!!! Guess what!?!? She was...

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Posted by Bla Bla on Friday, January 22, 2010,

This be our #1 Bonus Blog about the discution of Katie & her desperate LOVE for cold, hard cash! (Green with big bucks written on it!) SO.... read our short story about Katie & Money!!!!!!
Katie was dancing in the purple field with yellow, stripped, zibra colored lollipop! With her pink pony, Justice, she sat still in the ''Friend Ship Garden'' with her Aurona Knit (Beaded) clothing on!!! She jumped into the feild to play with the sparkling red butterflys! She pau...

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Rachel's Blog! Alvin And The Funky Munks!

Posted by Bla Bla on Friday, January 22, 2010,
Hey, Yo, Chow and hi peeps!!! Dis' be Rachel's #1 blog!!! SO.... Have you ever heard of Alvin And The Chipmunks!? See them movie!? The Squeak Virtion!? Or some photo of Alvin, and his two chipmunks, bros. Simon (Kinda tall, Glasses, Smarty Tail, The ''Brains'', and blue sweat shirt!) And last, Theadore (Small, green jacket, little voice)!? If you have.... AWESOME!!! Cauze' my blog for the weekend is about the chipmunk's amazing sining!!!! (My fave. song they did was Funky Town!!!! If you look...
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Bonus Blog! An Interview With The 80 Year Old Dancing Dood!

Posted by Bla Bla on Monday, January 18, 2010,
Hey People!!! This be our Bonus Blog!!!! Where we interview the 80 year old dancing dood!!!!! Check out our super-cool interview!!!  (He loves to pop, rock, go ''hip'' and dance around in the the spotlight!!! Not REALLY, but he does dance!!!!)
Katie: Hello 80 year dancing dood!!!
80 year old dancing dood: Hello!!!
Rachel: SO.... you enjoy the elderly dancing type!!!
80 year old dancing dood: Ya, I guess you could say that!!!!!!
Katie: SO... your into the hip, pop, rock, for 80 year old doods that ...

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Rachel's Blog! Animal Crossing!

Posted by Bla Bla on Monday, January 18, 2010,
Hey peeps!!!! It's Rachel bloggin' to you! (Our Fans!!!) On the webernet!!! SO... latley i've been playing ALOT on my D.s./D.s. i!!!! Katie came over Friday for a sleepover we played the amazing, and very fun NEW game ''Wild World, Animal Crossing!!!'' It's really fun cauze Katie lives in London, and I live in Home, so we can do (D.S. to D.S.) together and visit ejuthers worlds!!! Our worlds are acshally REALLY similur!!! Katie just lives in a blue house, has different neighnors, AKA ''animal...
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BONUS BLOG! An Interview with Mr. Mario!

Posted by Bla Bla on Wednesday, January 13, 2010,
Here is our interview with Mr. Mario (A Mario Brothers Charecter!!! (Don't worry if we insult him... He was TOTALY rude to us and he deserved it!!!)
Katie: Hello Mr. Mario!!!
Mario: SHUTCHA MOUTH' Katie!!!
Rachel: OOOH, I like YA attitude Mr. Mario!!!
Katie: OH, ya Mr. Mario!!!
Mario: Get of my lawn you rotton ol' kids!!!
Rachel: OH, WELL MR. MARIO!!!
Katie: Mr. Mario is VERY rude!!!
Rachel: (The WORST kind!! He is RUDE to us!!!)

L8R on Mr. Mario got a out of hand!!! We decided to quit ...

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Rachel's Blog! Mini Magic!

Posted by Bla Bla on Wednesday, January 13, 2010,
Hey peeps!!! It's Rachel, the 1/2 of My Katie and Rachel!!! SO... one time I went over to Katie's house for a sleepover!!! And her dad (Uncle John) Showed us an amazing game!!! You can pick if you want to take the quest where went downstairs, where Madame Dume!! (AKA, Aunt Donna) Pretending to be Madame Dume and Katie's labador, Daisy was! Uncle John gave us 1 clue!!! The clue was for each time to find a tiny, plastic mouse hidden secreatly!!! While I found the tiny, plastic mice Katie was up...
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Katie's Blog! All About Katie!

Posted by Bla Bla on Wednesday, January 13, 2010,
This is Katie, out of Katie and Rachel. WELCOME!! I am going to list my favorites:

TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants
Food: Hamburger
Websites: Yola, Webkinz, My Katie and Rachel (of COURSE!!!!), YouTube, Facebook,, Yahoo, Google, Mawio Come
D.S. Games: Animal Crossing, New Super Mario Bros.
Ice Cream: Sweet Cream from Coldstone Creamery

Thanx for reading!!


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#1 is Mr. Chedder CHEESE!

That cheesy appetizer never lets us down! Does he? He was voted most popular with the fans!

#2 is the 80 Year Old Dancing Dood!

Thought he would come back, well when the site just started when of our first BB's was this! And the fans loved the crazy excitment. Wouldn't you?


#3 is An Interview With The Rood Mr. Mario

The first BONUS BLOG ever, critics just love the feeling, of snotty, rood Mr. Mario!


#4 Katie LOVES Money

Mr. Money Spender hit the classics with this ''Bravo'' Blog, starring him at Katie's #1 Target!


#5 Katie's FISH life!

Not only were people amazed by the amazing storie of Katie's fish, but the breeds, excitment, and tense situations. We still honor Plastic Drowner today. :(


#6 An Interview With Mr. Birthday Cake!

That loved cool, strawberry, wipped-cream cake will be remembered dearly! Who would forgot it?


#7 Mr. Chedder Cheese #2

If the fans like swimming, pie, Katie, and Rachel, and a big cheesy dumb head this is their kind of blog!


#8 An Interview With Cupid! (The MatchMaker)!

Fans went CRAZY all over America about Match-Maker Cupid hitting the BONUS BLOG! Who wouldn't love the top #1 Match-Maker?


#9 Katie And Her Hate For Mr. Green Bean

Katie hates that greeny, beany clumsy dood they call ''Green Bean'' and she shows it in the NEW blog we did!


#10 Katie's iPhone Text Messages To Mr. Green Bean!

Katie expresses, and writes her iPhone Text Messages to her worst enemy, Mr. Green Bean!



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