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Rachel Blog! The Easter Egg Masacure!

Posted by Bla Bla on Sunday, March 28, 2010,
Happy easter! What up? So, 'tis I, Rachel! Your fave web star here to talk about our BIG April Easter Egg Masacure! Heres how it's gonna work... were gonna take pics of awesome, cool, colorful easter eggs and hide em' around our webernet site, MyKatieandRachel! Your job is to find em'! When you do find the Easter Eggs, there will be a hint of where another easter egg might be! Also there will be a secreat code! Also there is.... A GOLDEN egg!? The unique, awesome one! There will be 20 easter ...
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Our FIRST Vershion Of J.F.I Blogs! PRONTO! :)

Posted by Bla Bla on Sunday, March 21, 2010,
Hello Peeps! We share what's up!? At your fave webby site, ofcourse...... MyKatieandRachel! Here is some newly updated info:
(1.) Guess what? There's bunches of info. about us (Katie and I) the starts of MyKatieandRachel, But it's time to have a page on our website dedicated to the pets!!!! SO.... here comes, MyPet Page! COMING SOON!
(2.) Also....... some NEW stuff happening! We decided to make a systum called ''Chat For Pages''! It's when YOU (our fans) comment to us! Have ideas for any NEW ex...

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Rachel's Blog! Lighty Bug!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, March 20, 2010,
Hey, so what up? Tis' I Rachel here bloggin' to you guise (our fans). 101! SO.... Like scooter and bike zoomins', cool lighting bugs, and Mario D.S.'s? If so.... AWESOME!!!!! Let me tell you the story! I was having a sleepover at Katie's house, we were playing Mario on our D.S.'s. Her mom told us that we should go outside, ride our bikes, and scooters, have fun in the fresh air + get some excersise! We REALLY didn't feel like going out but we did anyway. Katie rode her bike, and I rode her sc...
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BONUS BLOG! Katie's iPhone Text Messages To Mr. Green Bean!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, March 20, 2010,

Hey peoples! This be our VERY new, featured BB on the show! Ya, Right? Well..... very true! So, we gonna get way behind ''humerous'' for you AWESOME MyKatieandRachel fans out there, (btw heres the story.... so. You know Katie HATES Mr. Green Bean! Right? SO.... Katie's been sending her greeny, mushy arch-enemie 'bunchs of iPhone text messages! And she's gonna share her pics, and texts with you fave peeps EVER!
#1 Message To Mr. Green Bean!
''Yo there my greeny DODO archful-enemy. This is. You k...

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BONUS BLOG! Rachel's Tips For Glo-Fish!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, March 13, 2010,
Hi Peeps of MyKatieandRachel! This be (our NEWEST) Bonus Blog! Where your humor comes first! Ya, Right? Well.... OFCOURSE! So, This week are BONUS BLOGS are gettin' way-behind serius! Ya! I'm talkin' the truth! Rachel will explain her Glo-Fish Tips! (BTW Rachel had 5 Glo-Fish aswell as Katie)! She is gonna share some ''don't let your glo-fish die'' tips! She know em' all!
First The Name Of Rachel's Glo-Fish Were: Piper (Orange) Prue (Green) Carly (Green) Sam (Pink) and last Paige (Pink)
Here ar...

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Rachel's Blog! Guess What? Puppy Time!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, March 13, 2010,

Hey peeps! This be Rachel! (BTW Guess what!? I'm getting a NEW puppy, if you havn't heard!) It's a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) It's mostly black, brown, blond and white!! :) It is SUPER cute, and adorible. I LOVE it so much! Let me tell you the most awesome stuff about my NEW BFF, and my amazing poochy pup! Here are some reasons my NEW dog, Sadie! Is out-of-this-world AWESOME:
(1.) When I visited her (at her breeder's home) she licked me CONSTANTLY! (BTW she slept on me, she's totaly tired! An...

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Katie's Blog! Hubba Bubba! To the Max!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, March 6, 2010,
Hi y'all! Here's one of the best bloggers EVER, KT!! This blog is about Hubba Bubba gum. I mean, why is gum so gummy? It's so chewy, gooey, gummy, and strange! It tastes like blobs of gum, and it is! We had an interveiw with Mr. Gumblob :)!
Katie: Hi Mr. Gumblob, how are you on this fine day?
Mr. Gumblob: That's my name, don't overuse the power!
Rachel: Well, sheez!!!!
Mr. Gumblob: Shut your pie hole, bubs!
Katie: WELL...  How are you?
Mr. Gumblob: GET A LIFE!!!!

Yeah. That interveiw didn't go as pl...

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Rachel's Blog! Katie-Neize!

Posted by Bla Bla on Friday, March 5, 2010,
Hi peoples of earth! It's the #1 blogger IN THE WORLD bloggin' to you (The fans of MyKatieandRachel) 24/7! Don't beleive us? Than tuff meatloaf! (Isn't that a cool saying)?
Well, I was just thinking! What should I do this for BNAB (Brand New Awesome Blog) ----- Then I thought Katie-Neize! (Here's the story, I was playing a D.S. game (to surprise Katie) and in her spare time, she went on my lap top, into notepad. And wrote something called ''Katie-Neize'' her own private, but AWESOME language! ...

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BONUS BLOG! A SNEAK PEEK About Katie And Her Hate For Green Beans!

Posted by Bla Bla on Friday, March 5, 2010,
This be our NEWEST Bonus Blog! Where we randomly talk about Katie's hate for green beans! She hate em' to da bone! (That means she's not TOO fond of them!) Mushy, grainy, gooey and gross by the minute! (BTW one time at Katie's house, I put (just for fun) a green bean in her roll cauze Katie's mom wanted Katie to eat more veggies! To her it was obvios! She found the green bean!) JFY we made up a story! Here we go.....
Katie was walkin' down the street thinking about sausage muffins! (Don't ask ...

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#8 An Interview With Cupid! (The MatchMaker)!

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#9 Katie And Her Hate For Mr. Green Bean

Katie hates that greeny, beany clumsy dood they call ''Green Bean'' and she shows it in the NEW blog we did!


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