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BONUS BLOG: An Interiew With Mr. Pumpkin

Posted by Bla Bla on Sunday, October 31, 2010,
Hello everyone,
Rachel and Katie here, TO YOU, The "my" fans!!!! :) :) :)
We have another BB (Bonus Blog) because it is Halloween this one is about a Pumpkin. We will tell you his story:
He was born in a Pumpkin Patch on Halloween morning. He had a stem, a tiny orange body, a big personality. Then one day came this weird salty dood. He picked him OUT OF ALL OF THE PUMPKINS. And took me in his weird car. He then drove to something he called the "Meatloaf Club" Or No it was The "I hate Racehl and ...

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Katie's Blog: Candy For Everyone!

Posted by Bla Bla on Sunday, October 31, 2010,

Hello peeps!
I LOVE halloween. Personally, The idea of going around getting candy from people you don't know has been a favorite of mine for ages!!!  :) But the best part, Is The CANDY. You always think you have nothing (At all) But when you dump your bag, Walla, 7 million pieces of candy (not literly) But who cares!?
SO...Tonights the BIG night. That means CANDY GALORE!!!  Excited? Cauze I am!!!
I LOVE my costume. It is SO cool. What are you gonna be for Hallow's Eve.?
OH...Sorry peoples, I got...

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Rachel Blog: Trick-Or-Treat

Posted by Bla Bla on Sunday, October 31, 2010,
Halloween is a great holiday.
A few reasons that make up the great Holiday are not that hard to make up:
* Haunted Houses + Creepy Things (Movies)
* Costumes, Dressing Up, and Going Trick-Or-Treating
* Candy, Sweet Things You Receive (Like Dove Chocolates, Candy Corn, Milkey Ways, Three Muskateers).
Those are the three basic things that make up Halloween. Plus monsters, decorations, and more!
The "my" peoples favorite holidays are three basic ones:
- Halloween
- ThanksGiving
- Christimas
October, Novem...

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Rachel's Blog: Ways To Be A MyKatiandRachel SUPER STAR!

Posted by Bla Bla on Wednesday, October 27, 2010,
Rachel in.
Hey peeps! Have you ever wandered what it takes to be a "my" champ?
Here are the different ways you can rock on! (In the "my" site, Ofcourse):
* Eat lots of cheese (Chedder)
* Scream At The Moon
* Don't Yell "Bar Lo Ti Os Chef fhhjsgfsdhjgf"
* Do yell "fghdfajdgskfgdjf" Challenging! Right?
* Speak in every language
* Maybe eat some more cheese (Still chedder)
* Gon on mykatieandrachel often!
Try to stay a loyal member of your local website!
Thanks for your "my" support,

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Bonus Blog: MyKatieandRachel Quiz, Let's See How You Know Your MyKatieandRachel!

Posted by Bla Bla on Wednesday, October 27, 2010,
Hey everybody, MyKatieandRachel QUIZZY TIME! All quizzed?
Cheat Sheet:
Just to help you out with the questions. We have a cheat sheet. WELL, NOT REALLY A CHEAT SHEET. We will just tell you the page where the answer to the question, and maybe give you a few hints along the way.) This quiz is get a peice of paper (White or loosleaf, ext.) The questions we ask you answer them on the peice of paper. Then @ it to us, If you do, YOU GET A SUPRISE, This is the surprise....jk, Wouldn't want to spoil it...

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Rachel's Blog: King's Island Excitment!

Posted by Bla Bla on Sunday, October 24, 2010,
Hi People Of The World,
Rachel here to you creating another FANTASTIC BB, (Bonus Blog) This one is about King's Island, Have you ever heard of it? Oh, Ofcourse you have! It's the biggest amuzment park in  the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! It has the biggest rollercoasters ever, It's an Island fit for a King.Well, Guess what? The My People, Me and Katie went there. You may have ran into us, WAIT A MINUTE! WERE YOU THE ONE THAT THREW A HOT DOG AT US! Well, We will never know. Wait: Brown hair, green ey...

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Rachel's Blog: Are You My Masterpeice?

Posted by Bla Bla on Wednesday, October 13, 2010,

Rachel here.
Hey everybody' Tis, me Rachel, Webernet start, from the "my" site, Know what I mean? SO...Are website is growing bigger and bigger. Right? More pages, more pics, more blogs! But, It's time to give it some EVEN mroe fun. Not only is there going to be MyMascot Page, There is going to be an Art Contest Page! You can draw stuff on ''Paint'' in your computer, copy it, and sumbit it, and give it to the "my" site! We will sumbit it on the page, and vote for our favorites!!! Also, we are ...

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Rachel's Blog: Guppie Masacure!

Posted by Bla Bla on Thursday, October 7, 2010,
Hello people of the world!
It's Rachel, and we've got a problem and we need your help (The ''my'' fans, OFCOURSE!) To solve the problem. Heres we are: Katie got a few guppies! I think 2 girls, and one boy. AT FIRST, Katie couldn't WAIT for her gubbie's to have babys, Because she thought it would be SO cute! The first one had babys, BUT....The bad news is that Katie's Guppies WILL NOT STOP REPEATING THEMSELVES! Now all of them are having babys. She will end up with 500...She dosn't have the Gup...

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BONUS BLOG: Rachel And Katie To You Our Fans, #2!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, October 2, 2010,
Rachel: Hello, Rachel's here
Katie: And Katie's here
Rachel: Right now, Were both here
Katie: Did you know that Halloween is the 3rd holiday in a year?
Rachel: What about forth of july, Valenties, Happy New Year, Easter, WOULD YOU REALLY FORGET ABOUT THE EASTER BUNNY, HE CARRIES EGGS! I mean, Who would not like someone that carries eggs.
Katie - Why is Mr. Chedder Cheese carrying eggs
Rachel - I take that back
Katie - For MyKatieandRachel we are having a Halloween Contest, Right?
Rachel - We are?

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