Yo! Chow! Greeting! This way is B-Day week! It is, I Katie! And my birthday best friend, Rachel and to celebrate the birthdays we had an interview with Mr. Birthday Cake! Mr. Birthday Cake is full of fresh fruits, strawberrys, and covered with a coding of MAJOR wip cream, just like a Strawberry Shortcake! He likes to do cool stuff, and have fun! I think you'll just ADORE him! Enjoy this special BLOG! It's the B-Day type! And take it from me: It's the best!
Katie - Hello Mr. Birthday Cake! Tis' us the B-Day girls!
Mr. Birthday Cake - I KNOW! I KNOW! It is your birthday! Wahoo, so sence I am invited! What are we eating?
Rachel - Eating? Well.... FIRST we have to break the Pinyata!
Mr. Birthday Cake - I don't have time for this! I came to stuff my face!
Katie - WELL? Mr. Birthday Cake! You are the ROODEST birthday cake.... Like EV-ER!
Mr. Birthday Cake - YOU SHUT YA MOUTH!
Rachel - Huh? If you don't shape-up, you will be our Birthday Bash Food!
Mr. Birthday Cake - I am NOT scared LOSERS!
Katie - Mr. Birthday Cake, If I were you! I would run!
Mr. Birthday Cake - Why? You gonna try to eat me!
Rachel - YES!
Mr. Birthday Cake - Ahhhh! Mommy!
Katie - Ha! Ha! Works like a charm!
Chow! Mr. Birthday Cake is totaly weird! I wonder if he would have tasted good! Mmmmmm! Well.... that was the pas.... Oh, but we still no his address!
- Rachel + Katie!!!!! :)