Hey there peeps of earth!!! It's US, Rachel + Katie!!! Here brinin' you ANOTHER famoues BONUS BLOG bout' Rachel's big HEART for cheese, CHEDDER! Extra Deluxe! Cheey HOLES! Super cheese! I mean..... Who does NOT Heart that stuff? It's AWESOME! Don't you think!?!? Well.... we made a CHEESY story (JFY):
Rachel loves to sit down, watch Sponge Bob, and eat a good ol' cheese!!!! Chedder square, Milk Squares for of cheesy goodness! She then gallops in the park with her cheese, create a chedder tree house, and goes swimming on her soft, smooth, cheese surfin' board! She runs in the sand and makes a cheese sand castle!
That's our BOUNG BLOG STORY! Now..... Just For You we invited Mr. Chedder Cheese for an INTERVIEW!
Katie - Hello Mr. Chedder Cheese! Do you like chedder-ish foods?
Mr. Chedder Cheese - DU! I be chedder!
Rachel - O.K. Do you like eating cheese sandwidges?
Mr. Chedder Cheese - UH! My cheesy cousins! BOB! Don't take away Bob?
Rachel - We won't! UM.... Well!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - I have an oppentment with my ''Chedder Salon''!
Katie - Chedder Salon! What?
Rachel - O.M.G.!!!!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - I BE OUT!
SO..... Mr. Chedder Cheese is gone!!!!! YA!!! No ofence chedder-ish items + cheesy peeps!!!!
- Rachel + Katie!!!!!!!! :)
P.S. - (Happy Techno Week)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!