This be our NEWEST Bonus Blog! Where we randomly talk about Katie's hate for green beans! She hate em' to da bone! (That means she's not TOO fond of them!) Mushy, grainy, gooey and gross by the minute! (BTW one time at Katie's house, I put (just for fun) a green bean in her roll cauze Katie's mom wanted Katie to eat more veggies! To her it was obvios! She found the green bean!) JFY we made up a story! Here we go.....
Katie was walkin' down the street thinking about sausage muffins! (Don't ask me......) and this SUPER crazy kid came up to Katie and asked her. ''Would you rather bathe with a christmas tree, hippo, 17 fish, and 2 basket balls, while eating a cheese ball''? OR ''Would you rather eat 5 green beans''? The next day...... Katie's bathroom was filled with mammals, red balls, 17 gold fish, a cheesball, a Merry Christmas tree, and a barbie doll! I don't know who added the barbie doll, but.... That's our story! Poor Katie! :(
And JUST FOR YOU we invited our dearest friend!!!! Mr. Green Bean!!!! (BTW Katie HATES him!!!!)
Rachel - Hi Mr. Green Bean! What a veggie-full name ya got on your plate. Get it?
Mr. Green Bean - Ya! I KNOW! Isn't that totaly barf-in-a-bag raticle?
Katie - Oh, wow my named is Mr. Bubby Bean, and I like things that our ''barf in a bag'' raticle! Whoooo! I'm SO dumb!
Mr. Green Bean - What?
Rachel - It's okey Mr. Green Bean! It's OPPOSITE day, In Katie Land, That means she HATES you!
Katie - NO! I.... I really don't like that dood!
Mr. Green Bean - Awwww Katie!!!
Katie - I LOVE you Mr. Green Bean!!!
Mr. Green Bean - Wha? Waahhhhhh!
(BTW Hi, Rachel! :( The only that wasn't rood, 80 years old, liked banana peels, told fortunes, or other stuff! The dood I actully liked! Why?) Rachel's been texting ''Mr. Green Bean''. He hasn't returned any of her texts or phone calls, to make up to him she wanted to send him to the ''chedder salon'' with Mr. Chedder Cheese! ...... Guess that's never gonna happen!
Chow (Peace To The World!!!!)
Your faves,
Rachel + KT!!!!