Hiah ya'll! We all here to talk about balloonies, and have corn dag! :) JK, We are to interview one of the MOST sensational, outstanding interviewin' peeps out there, we got Miss Cotton Candy! Here is her story:
Miss Cotton Candy lives in Ponie World, she likes to eat Bacon Porchops! Don't ask us... Were just loony canoonys! And she has a horse named Obo, Obo likes to spend his day chasing geese, and listing to ''mother goose'' rhyes! Goosey Loon! Miss Cotton Candy is strange, and WEIRD! But.... on the bright side atleast she's not an alvacodo! I think that is a type of Artichoke Dip!! :) We had an inteview with her! So.... Here we go:
Katie - Hello Miss Cotton candy!
Rachel - Ya! Thanks for comin' on the Webesite!
Miss Cotton Candy - Oh i'm sorry deary! My pink cotton layer hit' your pretty little face!
Katie - Ya I know my face is awesome!
Rachel - Katie, NOT THE TIME!
Katie - Your pink layer did not hit my face!
Miss Cotton Candy - Uh... I'm sorry honey pie! My bacon hit your arm!
Rachel - Ya I know, I see the grease!
Katie - Why are you still eating it?
Miss Cotton Candy - It's BACON child!?
Rachel - K child, THROW IT AWAY!
Miss Cotton Candy - Are we goin' to do this interview with or without this peice of greasy bacon?
Rachel - I can beleive grease is still on my arm!
Katie - Get out of here!
Rachel - SCRAT!
Katie - Scat!
Rachel - I know! I know!
Thats her, Miss Cotton Candy! She's crazy! Right? You carry's bacon  with them 24/7 and says she got her pink cotton layer on someone, and she hit someone with her greasy bacon! Why?
Bye ya'll!!!
- Katie and lil' ponie Rachel!