Hello everyone,
Rachel and Katie here, TO YOU, The "my" fans!!!! :) :) :)
We have another BB (Bonus Blog) because it is Halloween this one is about a Pumpkin. We will tell you his story:
He was born in a Pumpkin Patch on Halloween morning. He had a stem, a tiny orange body, a big personality. Then one day came this weird salty dood. He picked him OUT OF ALL OF THE PUMPKINS. And took me in his weird car. He then drove to something he called the "Meatloaf Club" Or No it was The "I hate Racehl and Katie Club" or something like that. A weird Mario Dood, and a Hobo drew faces on me. Then they carved me, Took my seeds and baked them. This is me:

I admit being a Pumpkin Which Mr. Pataoe Head was not my ultimate dream. They said I was Katie and Rachel and put a sign by me. Yuck!
Here's Our Interview With Him:
Katie - Hello Mr. Pumpkin
Mr. Pumpkin - They made me Mr. Pataoe Head
Rachel - Unfortunley, That's true. I saw the picture.
Katie - Me to
Mr. Pumpkin - And a which
Rachel - Yuck
Mr. Pumpkin - That's what I said. Why do they have a club to hate you gies? You seem like nice girls
(Mr. Pumpkin didn't mention these things so we will: talented, awesome, and great webber gals)
Katie - Were funny too
Mr. Pumpkin - They are weird
Rachel - Right on!
Happily, he didn't run away like the others. Cool. Right? Were friends with him!!!!!!!!!!! If you see a which patatoe head pumpkin, That's him.
Your Challenge:
Is to create a pumpkin just like Mr. Pumpkin and send us pics of him!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
Rachel and Katie!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)