This weeks BONUS BLOG, Is a crazy one! An interview with a magical gypsie!!! Go check it out!!!!!!! :)

Katie - Hello Magical Gypsie! So, Why do they call you magic-ish? In magic form?
Magical Gypsie - UH! Insulting, because I am magic! Do you think i'm as dumb as a magic 8 ball?
Rachel - NO, we don't..... So, your hobbies are?
Magical Gypsie - Telling fortune, what do you think I do? Spend my day eating banans?
Katie - surprising, we thought you did.
Magical Gypsie - I will not be insulted like this in my own home!
Rachel - Were at Katie's house!
Magical Gypsie - I am outa here!
Katie - OH, So soon?
Rachel - What a shame!

SO.... Wasn't that magical gypsie rood? Well.... we want bananas!
 - Rachel + Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)