Here is our interview:
Rachel: Hello, I'm Rachel
Katie: They know who you are!
Rachel: Ok Then, I'm not Rachel, Do you they know who I am now?
Katie: Your name is in print right next to what you say
Rachel: OH, IS IT!!
Katie: Yes, It is
Rachel: WELL!
Katie: Ok, Let's move along, We are in public
Rachel: Were eating at a tie food restraunt
Katie - Were chewin'!
Rachel - Chewin' like a bad bone!
Katie - To bad bones chew?
Wait For Us On Pause, While We Look In The Dictonary!!
Rachel - We discovered they don't..
Katie - Were cool!
Rachel - And so, NEXT WEEK, You will see another of us
Katie - One-On-One to the fans!
Rachel - Were cool!
Katie - They already know that, Gosh Rachel!
Rachel and Katie - Bye!