Here is our interview with Mr. Mario (A Mario Brothers Charecter!!! (Don't worry if we insult him... He was TOTALY rude to us and he deserved it!!!)
Katie: Hello Mr. Mario!!!
Mario: SHUTCHA MOUTH' Katie!!!
Rachel: OOOH, I like YA attitude Mr. Mario!!!
Katie: OH, ya Mr. Mario!!!
Mario: Get of my lawn you rotton ol' kids!!!
Rachel: OH, WELL MR. MARIO!!!
Katie: Mr. Mario is VERY rude!!!
Rachel: (The WORST kind!! He is RUDE to us!!!)

L8R on Mr. Mario got a out of hand!!! We decided to quit our interview with Mr. Mario (Who is very rude!! Don't know who he is!? Read at the very top!!!
BYE! (This has been a BONUS BLOG!!!)
-Katie, Rachel, OH... Well.... I guess the RUDE Mr. Mario too!!!!
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