'Tis, this big our newest, most reacent BB! (Bonus Blog...)  Whitch means it's gotta be the best, most awesome one EVER! Oh.... ya! So this is the deal: Rachel and Katie's best bud is Mr. Salty French Frie! Here is his story!
Mr. Salty French Frie lives in a glacier in the antartic, he has a polar bear named Hobby Lobby, he states that Hobby Lobby visits the mall daily! 24/7, back-to-back show-case. He loves to run around, eat meatloaf in the shower, and run around yelling ''I SCREAM FOR ICECREAM'' he runs a commitee called the ''Sparkle Commitee'' for the, young, old and poor! Where everyone goes around town dropping 2 gallons of (Fat-Free) Milk on peoples doorstep! (btw last week it was jugs of raw meat sause) covered with sugar! Every day is a new adventure with that salty little dood! We had an interview with him:
Katie - What UPS Frenchy Apptizer'?
Mr. Salty French Frie - Something!!! Hahahhahahahhhhhahahhahahhahhah! This week n' my Sparkle Commitee were giving away free BQ chicken stakes, with watermelon seeds! UGH! You just poked my adams apple.
Rachel - NO I DIDN'T!!!
Mr. Salty French frie - You lie! You are bad human being! Your a ghost, GHOST! Mommy, Mommy!
Katie - O.K., lets not get crazy there frenchy!
Mr. Salty French Frie - AH! AH! Zip, lick it, and put your mouth in your pocket so called ''mammoth talker''.
Rachel - Ya wanna mess with this! I'de SAY NOT! Now, your a bad little french frie - GO TO YOUR ROOM!
Mr. Salty French Frie - HUH? Mommy!
Mr. Salty French Frie ran away to his real mommy ''Mrs. Frenchy Frie'' he hid under his bed, and called his relatives and continsuley cried on the phone! He continues his ''sparkle club'' but decided to make a new club called ''Rachel and Katie smell like meatloaf'' only 2 people have joined! One is hobo (Who likes meatloaf, and thought it was meatloaf club where you get real meatloaf...) he still hasn't figured that out, the other was Mr. Mario (know he sais he's gonna get back at us.) Let's see if that happens! NOT!
- Rachel and Katie!!!!!!!!!!!1 :)