Hey People!!! This be our Bonus Blog!!!! Where we interview the 80 year old dancing dood!!!!! Check out our super-cool interview!!!  (He loves to pop, rock, go ''hip'' and dance around in the the spotlight!!! Not REALLY, but he does dance!!!!)
Katie: Hello 80 year dancing dood!!!
80 year old dancing dood: Hello!!!
Rachel: SO.... you enjoy the elderly dancing type!!!
80 year old dancing dood: Ya, I guess you could say that!!!!!!
Katie: SO... your into the hip, pop, rock, for 80 year old doods that like to randomly dance!!!
80 year old dancing dood: Why are you asking SO many questions!!!!
Rachel: Where having an interview about your elderly 80 year old dood dancing, in an interview they ask ALOT of questions!!! What do you think where here to do!?!? Sniff chicken, and eat watermelon!!!!!!!!
80 year old dancing dood: Maybe, I thought that!!!! I'm hungry for watermelon now!!!! Do you have any!?!?!?
Katie: NO!!!!
80 year old dancing dood: I quit!!!!!!!!!!
SO.... the 80 year old dancing dood was a bit' cranky!!! Well.... ALOT cranky!!!! But maybe the next time we have an interview with an 80 year old dancing dood, we will buy some chicken, start the sniffen' and get some watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!
-Rachel and Katie!!!!!!!!!!!! :)