This be our #1 Bonus Blog about the discution of Katie & her desperate LOVE for cold, hard cash! (Green with big bucks written on it!) SO.... read our short story about Katie & Money!!!!!!
Katie was dancing in the purple field with yellow, stripped, zibra colored lollipop! With her pink pony, Justice, she sat still in the ''Friend Ship Garden'' with her Aurona Knit (Beaded) clothing on!!! She jumped into the feild to play with the sparkling red butterflys! She pauzed'!!! There came galloping into the forest!!! Mr. Money Spender!!! Katie ran up to him and slow-motion with a BIG smile on her face!!! ''Money, Cold Hard, Always Relible Cash'', ''Without this BIG spender computers would be a BLANK without tech equitment!'' ''Katie, Do you want to spend me!?!?'' ''Oh YA!!! Mr. Money Spender!!!! (That shows that Katie LOVES money! Big small, square, round, short, stumby, dirty, clean, ripped money!!!! Especially Mr. Spender!!! (Always Relible) In cash type!!! Just for you Rachel and Katie organized a little interview with Mr. Spender!!!!!
Katie - What up Mr. Spender!?
Mr. Spender - Notin' MUCH!!! Spend me dearly!!!!
Rachel - We will Mr. ''Cold Hard Cash''!
Mr. Spender - Please buy a diaper with me!!!!
Katie - Why would we need a diaper!?
Mr. Spender - How would I KNOW! I'm just money, I DON'T CARE! GO AWAY!
Rachel - It's our interview!!!! WE WON'T LEAVE!!!!
Mr. Spender - I Quit!!!!!
That interview didn't go SO well!!! L8R on Mr. Spender came up and asked if we could PLEASE, PLEASE spend him on a dozen ''Of Baby Soft Rosie Red Pink Diaper'' From Huggie's Brand!!!! We told him to get lost, and find a baby!!! L8R on, he did!!! Him and the baby were on the newspaper!!!!!! WEIRD, Don't you think!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
-Rachel And Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)