SO.... This weeks BONUS BLOG is bout' Katie's Fish Life!
The first fish Katie had was a cute Festival Goldfish! He lived to 3 years old, The next fish she got was a Catfish named Catfish! He loves to sit on the rocks at the bottom of the tank! Another fish is Cave Boy, he loves to venture' into the caves in her tank! Another is his twin Plastic Drowner, She has 3 GloFish, and five guppies!
NOW KATIE HAS: Her first fish died, CatFish is still alive. Cave Boy died, and Plastic Drowner died. (He was put into his tank by the bag, he accidently stayed in the plastic, we got him out and he was O.K. late that night he died. We had a fish-funural.). All 3 glofish died, and out of 5 guppies, there are 2 left, and they had a litter of guppie babys!
SHE WANTS: She wants a Placluasames (We don't really know how to pronounce it)! It's a strange fish name!
(Most of her fish died, but she still does have SOME of her fish, and got some NEW fish)!
(BTW, This isn't about FISH, but Katie got two NEW baby Hermit Crabs! There SO cute! We may take some pics of them and put them in the MyKatieandRachel photo gallery!!!!
-Rachel + Katie!!!!!