Hey peoples! This be our VERY new, featured BB on the show! Ya, Right? Well..... very true! So, we gonna get way behind ''humerous'' for you AWESOME MyKatieandRachel fans out there, (btw heres the story.... so. You know Katie HATES Mr. Green Bean! Right? SO.... Katie's been sending her greeny, mushy arch-enemie 'bunchs of iPhone text messages! And she's gonna share her pics, and texts with you fave peeps EVER!
#1 Message To Mr. Green Bean!
''Yo there my greeny DODO archful-enemy. This is. You know! Your WORSTEST un-fanable peep, it is I, Katie! Who is more awesome than you, a better shade of green, has better ''cucumber strawberry'' lotion, and does NOT go to the chedder salon''!

                                   OH, ya that's me! Can't wait 'till I see you + scare ya' behind
scardation, baby! HA HA!

#2 Message To Mr. Green Bean
Think I can't kick the bajoogles out of ya'! Well.... Guess again! This is MWA, The master of all Green Beans ('Specialy you my HOBO-ISH dodo dude!) You will be wearing fur coats by the time I got done with you! Sent on a vacation to ''The Green Bean DARK PLACE'' + Guess what? You will wear. DA! DA! DA! I forgot.... But. Who cares? I hate a' you to da max!

                               Me, AWESOME (as normal). with a fur coat plasma! (to DA maximum baby)!

#3 Message To Mr. Green Bean
Think ya can a' mess with this? THINK AGAIN!
(I will get you GREEN BEANY-DUFAS)! You will turn into a one-eyed-freak!
(P.S. - I am NOT a freak! I just photo-docked this pic! Don't I look cool? But beside me being COOL! ...... Are you hungry for a bluberry icecream TOO? HUH, Why I asking you? RACHEL!

(''Awwww..... Katie! You shouldn't.... (btw happy opposite day). Never knew you cared SO much! That's so sweet! P.S. - Do you wanna go to the mall for some afternoon brunch?'')

(''btw COOL pic! Ttly, Stop being SO nice! It's driving beind crazy! Sorry you couldn't make it mrunch! (brunch in the mall). Call me! - We could TOTALY organize a date your ready, tell Rachel to come along! P.S. - You guise are the best!!!! :)

(''sry to mention, just wonderin' You mad at me? Becauze 'not opposite day anymore! If NOT.... call me! (you know the drill...) or text me date, or calender/sch. organizer! P.S. - Tell Rachel I said a BIG happy hello to her! Cool face....fighter....design! :) (btw bye!)

Yo! 'Dose be the iPhone TEXT messages!
- Rachel + Katie!!!!! :)