Hi People Of The World,
Rachel here to you creating another FANTASTIC BB, (Bonus Blog) This one is about King's Island, Have you ever heard of it? Oh, Ofcourse you have! It's the biggest amuzment park in  the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! It has the biggest rollercoasters ever, It's an Island fit for a King.Well, Guess what? The My People, Me and Katie went there. You may have ran into us, WAIT A MINUTE! WERE YOU THE ONE THAT THREW A HOT DOG AT US! Well, We will never know. Wait: Brown hair, green eyes, baish top, jean pants, yellow glasses, WAS THAT YOU? Well we forgive and forgot just don't throw a hot dog (With double mustard at us again). SO...We are here to tell you of all of the fun stuff we did from the minute we got there to the minute we left. SO, We went into Snoopy Land, and road the Beasty, That little Roller Coaster. I WAS SO SCARED!!! I thought when I went down that hill, I would die. I didn't, But I COULD HAVE! Even though it was small, It was a REEL kick. Do you blame me? After that we went to The Boo (Haunted House) We sat in line for like, um...AN HOUR! But, We eventally  got threw it, a blasted a bunch of ghosts with Katie. The hot dog was moist, OFF SUBJECT! After the Boo Ride, We rode Bumper Cars, Woop Doop! Someone bammed into me. Was that you? Who cares we have a lot of fun, Then we rode the thing that takes you up in the air super high and twirls you around. That's my favorite ride! After that we rode the Monster, Scary. Huh? We waited so long, We were joking around that by the time we got the ride we would be OLD and taking our lest step, Were almost there, Then the minute we fall sleep. They say it's our turn, We went up and the ride stopped, We got stuck on the time, facing down. Katie was calm, Rachel was screaming. Then we road the Scamber, and Spin, Shake and Rattle! We went back to Snoopy Land and road Surf's Up! But, in the middle it started raining. We went into a few gift shops, We then ate Pizza (Laroza) and did Adventure Express, another ride in Kitty Land, We then wached our relatives do the Beast and we did the Log-Flow Ride in Snoopy Land, and wached the Diamond Back, We then did some games, and did the twirly ride one more time, We did prizes and went home! WHAT A FUN DAY! P.S. Nobody actually threw a Hot-Dog at us, We stayed Mustard Free!
Your King's Island,
Rachel!!!! :)