Hey everybody, MyKatieandRachel QUIZZY TIME! All quizzed?
Cheat Sheet:
Just to help you out with the questions. We have a cheat sheet. WELL, NOT REALLY A CHEAT SHEET. We will just tell you the page where the answer to the question, and maybe give you a few hints along the way.) This quiz is get a peice of paper (White or loosleaf, ext.) The questions we ask you answer them on the peice of paper. Then @ it to us, If you do, YOU GET A SUPRISE, This is the surprise....jk, Wouldn't want to spoil it!

#1: What was the Top 3 Favorite Blogs picked from our fans?
HINT: It's on the MyBlog Page, But not on a blog

#2: What is the name of all of Rachel and Katie's Pets? What are the names of Rachel's pets she has lost?
HINT: It is on the MyPet Page, On of the names is Sidneu

#3: What was the name of our first blog, What was it about? Do You like it?
Page: My Blog Page

#4: On Rachel's NEWEST blog what is the second, fith, and seventh thing we did at King's Island?
Page: My Blog Page

#5: What kind of cheese is Mr. ______ Cheese tell us:
Hint: Dark cheese, My Blog Page

#6: Name three people in the Halloween Storie  that was written:
Page: Home Page

#7 What is Rachel and Katie's favorite places to go? Where did they go after Katie finished BaceBall Practice? What is one of Rachel and Katie's favorite thing to do? What do they each have in their backyard? Which one of Katie's thing or Rachel's thing in the backyard do YOU like better? Explan why.
Page: MyQuestions

#8 What is the name of The Mascot at MyKatieandRachel? Give details about their newest blog? Do you like the Mascot's Blog? Explain why or why not.
Page: MyMascot

#9: Write your own Halloween Storie.
- Rachel
- Katie
- The Mascot
- Two BB Characters
- Others' you make up!

#10: Make  up your own question about MyKatieandRachel!

Thanks a bunch,
- Rachel and Katie