So... This weekend Katie, come over to my (Rachel's house) four our BIG double digits B-Day Bash! Katie got me the game, ''Cats In The Cradle'' and one other awesome stuff, and I got her some cute pets, Poke Mon Cards, and more? Sounds like an awesome birthday party, Right? You guessed write we did some pretty fun stuff! But, There had to be some crazy stuff too, or it wouldn't be us! We went outside in the rain, to try to cetch dark purple balloons with names on it from going up in my neighbors large tree! They did, They we wached them float away into the blue younder. Then my dad tried to cetch one almost fell! Then we went back in, and fed some water bottle water to Sadie, my pup! She barked when she wanted a sip. Smart! Right? We gaver' some sips! At some moments, she tried to bite our toes. But... Who cares? It tickles! Then she got in her itty bitty blanket! Say ''Awwwww...'' She was totaly cute, but kept stealing my tissues. But were we expecting having a perfect Birthday Party! Na' we weren't! It WAS perfect! Then we danced to ''Haunesty'', ''Funky Town'', and sang the song I made for my sis! We danced, and then sang ''The Peanut Butter Jelly Song''! We will add it at MySong, and ''Haunesty'' to prove it was a wild night! We even ran into Ronald Mcdonald! Talk about lucky!
Your Websters,
- Rachel + Katie