Rachel: Hello, Rachel's here
Katie: And Katie's here
Rachel: Right now, Were both here
Katie: Did you know that Halloween is the 3rd holiday in a year?
Rachel: What about forth of july, Valenties, Happy New Year, Easter, WOULD YOU REALLY FORGET ABOUT THE EASTER BUNNY, HE CARRIES EGGS! I mean, Who would not like someone that carries eggs.
Katie - Why is Mr. Chedder Cheese carrying eggs
Rachel - I take that back
Katie - For MyKatieandRachel we are having a Halloween Contest, Right?
Rachel - We are?
Katie - You didn't know that!
Rachel - How was I supposed to know?
Katie - I told you 100 times
Rachel - In the middle of Tela Tubbies, You can't inturupt me in the middle of Tela Tebbies
Katie - Can you beleive that is my co-star?
Rachel - Um..Can you not beleive that you are not my co-star?
Rachel - You want me to make squash?
Katie - I'm leavin'
Rachel - Bye Fans
(Rachel and Katie Out)