Hi Peeps of MyKatieandRachel! This be (our NEWEST) Bonus Blog! Where your humor comes first! Ya, Right? Well.... OFCOURSE! So, This week are BONUS BLOGS are gettin' way-behind serius! Ya! I'm talkin' the truth! Rachel will explain her Glo-Fish Tips! (BTW Rachel had 5 Glo-Fish aswell as Katie)! She is gonna share some ''don't let your glo-fish die'' tips! She know em' all!
First The Name Of Rachel's Glo-Fish Were: Piper (Orange) Prue (Green) Carly (Green) Sam (Pink) and last Paige (Pink)
Here are her helpful tips:
(1.) When you get glo-fish from your modern pets store! (Makesure that dead fish arn't in the tank, or ask a clerk or helper person if the tank had been clean the last time after the fish died).
(2.) Obserb your fish! (Don't get fish that are flippin' around, falling over, acting sick, or looking likes it's gonna die.) Look for the big meaty, fat, helthy, swimming fish! They're the best!!!
(3.) After you pick your fish, take it home IMMEDITLEY! Don't waste time! (BTW makesure you have tank, (The fish's water tempature, food type, plance, ext.) in the tank! Ask a clerk if they are cold water fish, or warmer water fish. Glo-fish are warmer so get a thermometer, (BTW some fish are salt, makesure you have SALT water then). makesure it's at the right tempeture, get a good large tank!
(4.) DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DUMP THE FISH OUT OF THE PLASTIC BAG! They good get caught in it and die. NOT GOOD! Take a small net and put the fish in water (makesure before that the fish, with the plastic container for a short time! Then net em' out! Beleive me! You don't wanna Plastic Drowner, Do ya? Stay clear of the bags!!!
(5.) Makesure you put ''start right'' Allantoin in! It helps clean the water!
(6.) If cleaning out your tank..... Even if your DUMB dad sais your glo-fish won't jump out of the bowl! They WILL! Never trust your father concerning glo-fish, trust me! I learned the hard way. Poor Sam. :( She was o.k. then, she was last (out of my Glo-Fish to die....) :(
(7.) They're not hardy if one dies in the tank (The germ or disease spreads threw the tank infecting the other fish..) CLEAN IMMEDITLEY! PRONTO! And makesure the other's are O.K., get a disease helper thingy at your pet store. (You'll see it....) JUST LOOK! Don't be a lazy plants!!! RANDOM!
(8.) Keep your tank CLEAN! Makesure go germ is in the tank! Makesure all fish are o.k.! If one is sick, remove it from the tank immeditley. Put it in a seperate cup filled with water (from the tank....) DO NOT accidently take another fish from the tank while getting some water for the sick fish!
But I have a problem to solve all these...... DO NOT GET GLO-FISH! They are pretty, but a die-machine, and TOTALY impossible to take care of! Get a dog! Get an animal! Get a life! Don't get Glo-Fish!
-Rachel + Katie!!!!!! :)
P.S. - They're JUMPERS, Don't fogot! Don't forget I SAY!