Hey everyone. Rachel and Kate here we have got a note from Santa Claus. Read it!!!!! Isn't it awesome?
Extremley awesome. Enjoy! - Rachel and Katie
Dear Rachel and Katie,
Merry Christmas. You asked me a few questions when you wrote this note so I will respond. You asked me why my reindeer Rudolph has a red nose. That  is a very easy answer: Because he is rudolph. He was born with it. Anyway, It's supposed to  light up the clouds at night time so they look red instead of bright yellow. Red is a great color! You also asked why I eat cookies. Well, I eat cookies because kids don't leave me pasta. Pasta is delitous! They leave me cookies. As you asked I prefer a very soft cookie. (Slides down easily) and fat free milk. I love doing my job because I like to make people happy and I like to deliver presents and it keeps me having something to do at all times. Like make toys and eat cookies make you super busy. I am glad I could answer your questions.
All my love,
Santa Claus
P.S. - Thankyou for writing to me. I love reading notes!!