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We have a new Halloween Bonus Blog: It is called our really creepy interview with a clown!
* So turns out clowns are really weird. I mean, we knew before a person who wanted to walk around the circus with frizzy hair is sort of scary. But, this REALLY weird interview led us to believe otherwise. (Were scared!)
* Ok, so it started out pretty normal! A room, a clown, us, Sadie, and mustard. (We don't know why the clown brought mustard. He said it made him feel happy. We didn't ask any further questions.)
* Besides that, he also kept bonking his nose. We asked him to stop.Turns out mhe is a stubborn clown.
* He said Cassidy feels like a mango. From this day we don't know what that means.
* He said boo to Rachel, and hurt her feelings.
The end. Stuiped clown.
- MyKatieandRachel