Hey peoples! Tis' us! Rachel and Katie with ANOTHER extra BB! About again Mr. Chedder Cheese! He agreed to meet us at the Cheesy Market, to pick up some cucumbers, and then to go to Rachel's house for an interview! But, this time we totaly flipped the interview around! It's going to be at Katie's house in her swimming pool while eating Cocunut Cream Pie! YUM! Here we go:
Mr. Chedder Cheese - Yay! I love randomly eating pie, while sitting in a 42 degree water, having a pedicure!
Rachel -  Hey there! Ya made a little mistake! Your not having a pedicure! hahha!
Katie - Ya, but it's okey. You can go and get a pedicture some day else.... okey I have to break... you do that!
Rachel - Ya that is Super weird that a peice of cheese likes to get pedicures!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - What's wrong with a little' shape up once in while?
Rachel - You are being TOO weird!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - They just clip my cheese spots! The ones that have become un-chesable!
Rachel - Your un-cheesable!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - No, I AM NOT!
Katie - You get out of my swimming pool Mr. Pedicure!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - My pleasure! Can I please take the pie?
Rachel - NO!
Mr. Chedder Cheese - Ya know what! I am going to join Mr. Salty French Fries ''Rachel and Katie Smell Like Meatloaf Club''! ha!
Rachel - That actully went threw?
Katie - Guess so? Who cares! More cocount!
Rachel - 'Course!
So, Mr. Chedder Cheese is never comin back, and eating Cocunut Cream Pie in Katie's pool EVER again! He stinks!
- Katie and Rachel!!!!!! :)