Guess what? April is RANDOM month, and we promised extra blogs, and BB! This is our EXTRA BB! Rachel's ''Go grey'' Chinchilla save! So, there is this super-cute, furry, cudly, and soft insanley awesome pet named a Chinchilla, Have you EVER felt their fur? It is TOTALY amazing! It's like your running your hand threw 17 stacks of woolen cloth blankets, and that's what I am here to talk about. Not 17 stacks of woolen cloth blankets, but Chinchillas are going EXTINCT! What? You say! I was surprised to, but turns out people are killing chinchillas for THEIR fur! So, it's up to us to try to save the spare Chinchillas left in the world! People, take their fur and make them into fur coats, and other usable cloth wear. That's WRONG! And so, I'm here to encourage young, active peeps like you, to save the world from going extinct from these cool little creatures! Just so you know what Chinchillas look like... here are some random pics I got!           
K, so heres the deal! Those incredibly CUTE critters are goin' gone! So, that means their in great danger! We hope that U (The fans of MyKatieandRachel) will help save Chinchillas around the world! For more info. about Chinchillas go to and search Chinchillas! WE LOVE CHINCHILLAS!!!!
- Rachel and Katie!!!!! :)
P.S. - Thanx!