Hey peeps, 'Tis Katie and Rachel will our NATIONAL J.F.I Blog! So... We just finished MyPet Page! It is going to be a real pet-fantastic hit! Right? We have new Pet Pics, Blogs, and MORE! May, is one of my favorite months to celebrate, because it's cool, and we have A LOT of fun activies happening! May is ''National Lassie Month'' Rachel's dog died on Febuary 17, 2010, and her birthday is May 2nd, so we will be celebrating with a Lassie Birthday Blog, some pics of Lassie on the MyPet Page, and her story! WE will also have a Sheltie Scavenger Hunt, and present some Ice Sculpture PICS! We then have a big blog to Honor Our Mascot! And talk about the idea of making, and posting a pic of MyKatieandRachel T-Shirt! Can't wait? Good! Then wait! Just Kidding! May's here soon you won't have to wait THAT long! :)