Hello peeps!
I LOVE halloween. Personally, The idea of going around getting candy from people you don't know has been a favorite of mine for ages!!!  :) But the best part, Is The CANDY. You always think you have nothing (At all) But when you dump your bag, Walla, 7 million pieces of candy (not literly) But who cares!?
SO...Tonights the BIG night. That means CANDY GALORE!!!  Excited? Cauze I am!!!
I LOVE my costume. It is SO cool. What are you gonna be for Hallow's Eve.?
OH...Sorry peoples, I gotta go. But, Just So You Know (GET LOTS OF CANDY!)
Do as many houses as possible. Just have this in mind. The more houses you go to,
The more candy you get. And BE PICKY! Just kidding, Be pilot. But, still get lots of candy.
Your Favorite Webber,
Katie!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
P.S. Happy Hallows!!!!