Hi y'all! Here's one of the best bloggers EVER, KT!! This blog is about Hubba Bubba gum. I mean, why is gum so gummy? It's so chewy, gooey, gummy, and strange! It tastes like blobs of gum, and it is! We had an interveiw with Mr. Gumblob :)!
Katie: Hi Mr. Gumblob, how are you on this fine day?
Mr. Gumblob: That's my name, don't overuse the power!
Rachel: Well, sheez!!!!
Mr. Gumblob: Shut your pie hole, bubs!
Katie: WELL...  How are you?
Mr. Gumblob: GET A LIFE!!!!

Yeah. That interveiw didn't go as planned, did it?

PEACE OUT!!!!!! :):):):):):):)
KT (or my nick-name: Poplife!!!)