Hay people! Katie here!
I have got my NEWLY posted ULTIMATE Katie-Style Halloween piece of blog here for y'all right now. So, I don't know what YOU are going to be for Halloween. (By The Way send US your Halloween Pics + Halloween Storys). The crazier, the better! But, this year I am taking a STRIKE from Halloween. Want to know why?
1. Trick-Or-Treaters get on my nerves! Silly people in weird cloth (or silk) come to YOUR houise and DEMAND Candy from YOU. (It's like just go out and by your own candy.)
2. When people dress as superman it gets on my nerves. (It's like your NOT superman. As muchas you would like to believe, we are sorry to say it's untrue. Capes are weird.)
3. I don't like tricks, but I like tricks.
BRIGHTSIDE: Candy Corn is amazing!!!
* Katie *