Hello Peeps! We share what's up!? At your fave webby site, ofcourse...... MyKatieandRachel! Here is some newly updated info:
(1.) Guess what? There's bunches of info. about us (Katie and I) the starts of MyKatieandRachel, But it's time to have a page on our website dedicated to the pets!!!! SO.... here comes, MyPet Page! COMING SOON!
(2.) Also....... some NEW stuff happening! We decided to make a systum called ''Chat For Pages''! It's when YOU (our fans) comment to us! Have ideas for any NEW exciting pages and/or web segments on our site! Then COMMENT us your ideas! The best ideas will be in MyComment March 25th! Then we may do some of your awesome ideas!
(3.) Sometime in this week we will put pics of CUTE, LITTLE bunnys up at MyPhoto!!!! It's time to show our bunnies to your amazing fans!!!!!
(4.) Guess what? April is RANDOM month, and EASTER! So.... we are dishin' up some cool, fantastic surprises next month! NEW BB, that are not even on the ''Asks Question''! More than 1 blog from us, crazy, random pics, videos and MORE! Random week rocks! (We will also maybe have an easter egg hunt on the webernet)!
(5.) We will have EXTRA stuff on our home page: Including MORE fun stuff!
That's our J.F.I!!!!
Thanx for listning!!!!!!! :)
- Katie + Rachel!!!!