Hey peoples!!!!! Its Rachel, the #1 blogger in the WORLD! SO.... This blog is about Cincy! Cincy was a little half Labador Retreiver half Terrior puppy. She was born with orangey gold spots, and pretty blond fur. She was Katie's neighbor's puppy. I came by for a sleepover when Katie was babysitting Cincy, we played alot in the bedroom with her! She was SUPER cute! Katie already has a dog named, Daisy. But Katie wanted Cincy, because her and Daisy were nice to one other, friends, and they LOVED to play together! They were like to magnets on a fridge. (If that makes sence....) They REALLY clung! And Cincy even stayed, and listenend and was trained TOTALY young, and could go in the backyard with just a collor (Not an electric fence collar) Katie's parents TOTALY loved her! But sadley they couldn't keep Cincy!! (I don't know why). By they didn't keep her. So..... Cincy was orginally going to go to an old lady with a another dog, Katie was TOTALY mad she didn't get the dog, and that old lady got her! But atleast I think, She didn't go to the old women, they may have changed it, and she went to another neighbor with 1 or 2 pups!!!! Cincy was amazing and already learned how to walk up the steps!!!! WOW!!!! Can you beleive it? She awesome!! :) But..... atleast she has a nice, peacful home! (BTW Just for not getting Cincy....... Katie got two tiny, cute baby Hermit Crabs)!! SEE.... Good things DO happen!!!!
I gotta go!!!!!
- Rachel OUT!
P.S. - (Don't YOU just love Hermit Crabs and BABY pup Cincy!!!)
 = If we can we will update some pics of Katie's hermit crabs, and Cincy pics next week in our photo gallery!!!!! Look forward to that if we can we will update pics this week)!!! Well...... BYE!