Hello Holiday People,
Christmas was here and went!! Can you believe it? What did you get for Christmas? I got a lot of awesome stuff for Christmas. But to talk about presents isn't the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is tell you something awesome: I built a ginger bread house! Yes, I did!!! :)
I used a bunch of stuff on it. But I have some advice for you about building stuff. (Espetially GBH)
GingerBreadHouses!! = GBH
- Never, Ever, Ever Try to eat the sticky white vanilla spray thingy. It is TOO good. You will wind up eating the whole thing. Then the GBH has no sticky thing to hold it together. :(
- Don't build it on a green post it will fall apart and then  you will cry. Well, maybe you won't. But it is a very emotional moment.
- When it gets to hard. Don't just leave it there. Finish it to sho you can eat it after!! :) Smart. Right?
Well, Tata. Happy Holidays!!
- Rachel