Hey peeps,
Tis I, Famous webber, Rachel, Doin' my Hallow's Blog! It just had to be SPOOKY!!! :) I wanted to do my blog with a goal I want the ''my'' fans to try to do: (This is the deal).
- We want you to write a spooky Hallow's Eve story about Rachel, Katie, Our Moscot, Sadie and you have to involve two Bonus Blogs Characters (Of your choice.)
- After you write it, You have to draw a Halloween Picture along with it. ANYTHING AT ALL!
- Then, Check it threw, Makesure it looks and sounds good then comment it to us!
We will have a voting of the best one, and the winner....
You'll find OUT!
Well, Draw and write your best thing. Remember The Voting Is (Keep this in your brain): October 15, 2010 and we have a lot of fun Halloween Activities. Katie will talk to you about them in her next blog!
Well, Gotta Go,