Hey peoples! 'Tis I, Rachel! The best webernet star EVER! (Along with Katie, OFCOURSE! So, this week for my blog, I wanted to tell you 'bout the big trampoline excersise run about ALOTZ! So, Katie and I were in my backyard trampoline, playing, jumping about, doing bunches of excersise! Then, Katie and I decided to do some ''excersise working methods''. So, where I sat on the side of the my blue trim, and Katie jogged 'round my BIG trampoline 100 times (btw I think she did other stuff to maybe skipping, running ext. I am not sure thoe). But what was cool is I told her the excersise methods to do, and she ran about herself! But, she had 3 or 5 breaks, so she would be able (in the middle of jogging ext.) to say ''BREAK'' and so she could sit on the trim, and have a 5-10 min. brake to relax, and then start getting back into the game! She was totaly amazing at it, she actully didn't use much breaks at all, it must have been super tiring, and very stressful, but atleast she got a HUGE handfull of excersise! Oh..... ya! Then, after she reached 100, it was my turn, I ran but I didn't do as well, I took A LOT of breaks! But.... Guess what? Next month in May is ''National MyKatiandRachel Go Excersise Month'' Then we will be talking about staying helthy, more excersise for everyone, and helthy foods, we will also collect comments about excersise, or new helthy foods, and make a new blog about your comments! Then, Katie and I will both do a lot of excersise, and we will have awards for us for our very cooperate excersise methods! Just wait..... and then at the End of May we will have a big excersise kick-off by the month by making more blogs, and random stuff! Well.... REMEMBER Happy Random Month! Hope u pranked your family yesterday on April Foolsday!
Rachel!!!!!!! :)
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