Hey peeps! Guess what? MyKatieandRachel decided that we needed a website mascot! That is our symbol or sign. If you like or don't like the idea of a mascot you can comment to us... and if you do like the idea! Do you have a good idea for a mascot? After you send us your comments! Katie, and I will check them, vote for the best, or either just make one up ourselves! You may ask. What will the ''Mascot'' Do? I took some time, of listing some stuff our MYKATIEANDRACHEL Mascot, could do: HERE WE GO!
* Be involed in ''Voting Setions!''
* Symbolize the ''Symbol, or sign'' of MyKatieandRachel!
* Could be subjects of our blogs!
* Bring people a way to remember the site!
* Could be a help on new paiges, new comments, more fun ideas!
* Could help organize stuff in the site!
* Could bring ''fans'' more involved into MyKatieandRachel!
Well those are my list of ideas that a ''symbol'' for our site! Would be the best!
- Rachel!