Hey fans of MyKatieandRachel! We are having a MyKatieandRachel MyQuiz! SO... take your chances, take the quiz, and show your COOL IQ!  It's sound like BQ (BarbaQ!) I'm STARVING! I needs a me a BQ! OH.... I'll eat L8R, just take the quiz! It's awesome, funny and cool! (Bonus Blog Type Included)!!!!!!!

(1.) If Katie had a don't with food, What would it be?
A. Green Beans
B. Mozerella Cheese Sticks
C. Pear Apple Sause
D. BQ Chips
(HINT: The food Katie hates is a veggie!!!!)

(2.) What is the name of Rachel's Sheltie?
A. Lucy
B. Macy
C. Annie
D. Lassie
(HINT: Rachel's dog's name rhymes with Massie!!!!)

(3.) What is Katie's favorite color?
A. Mahogany
B. Blue
C. Ople
D. Yellow
(Hint: Katie's fave. color is the color of the sky!!!!!!)

(4.) Rachel loves to go a lot of cool places! (Out Of These Choices) Whitch one did Rachel go to?
A. (BWP) Beach Water Park
B. The ''Bubba'' Festival
C. Cony Island
(HINT: It's full of WATER!!!!!!)

(5.) Where did Rachel and Katie go for Katie's end-of-the-day softball party?
A. Mcdonalds
B. White Castle
C. BFI Wings
D. They didn't go anywhere
(HINT: It has 3 letter, then something that birds have!!!!!)

ANSWERS: (Makesure to answers the Q before looking at the A)!

Well, Thanx for answering the Q!!!!!
 - Rachel!!!!! :)