Yo peeps!!!! Its the 1/2 of MyKatieandRachel, OFCOURSE. I be Rachel!!!! And this weeks blog!!! (MY BLOG)! :) is TOTALY random!!!! (Un-Random FREE!!! I think you'll like it!!! :*) First, some QUESTION-ALOT peeps have been sending us LOTS of questions!!! SO.... I will answer a few for ''Random Week'' Just to be fun!!!
When did Katie and I meet?
Where happy people asked!!!! Well... We met at christmas time!!! She came over to my house, we played, have BUNCHES, of fun!!! Guess what!?!? She was aloud to spend the night!!! If she wasn't, MyKatieandRachel would be NOTHING!!! Imagine that? NO..... It's TOO painful!!!
Whats cool about MyKatieandRachel?
(This question is TOTALY obvios!!!) EVERYTHING is awesome about us!!!!!!!
What kind of stuff shows every week at MyKatieandRachel?
NEW Blogs, Bonus Photos, Bonus Blogs, Voting Corners!!!!! LOTS MORE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO..... We answered YOUR questions!!!!!! Like it!?!?!? Well..... Then comment to us about how much you liked it!!!!!!!
-Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 :P :} :) :-) :*)