Happy easter! What up? So, 'tis I, Rachel! Your fave web star here to talk about our BIG April Easter Egg Masacure! Heres how it's gonna work... were gonna take pics of awesome, cool, colorful easter eggs and hide em' around our webernet site, MyKatieandRachel! Your job is to find em'! When you do find the Easter Eggs, there will be a hint of where another easter egg might be! Also there will be a secreat code! Also there is.... A GOLDEN egg!? The unique, awesome one! There will be 20 easter eggs in all! OH.... ya! And after you find all 20 of em'! You can comment to us! Say ''I Foudn All The Easter Eggs!'' Then just to prove YOU did! Comment us the secreat code you put together with all the 20 easter eggs! The Easter Egg Mascaure begins April 3rd, 2010 and stops April 28, 2010! On April 29, or April 30 we will announce the Easter Egg Masacure winners!!!! But.... 'member you have to be a signed-up member to comment! If your not... sign up and a start your searchin'! NO TIME TO WASTE! For more info about the Easter Egg Masacure check into the Home Page, and our April (Just For Info) Blog on my blog! How much better could it get? Awesome easter eggs, and MORE!? Gotta run!
- Rachel!!!!!!!! :)
P.S. - There will also be a secreat bunny hidden, find him just for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)