Halloween is a great holiday.
A few reasons that make up the great Holiday are not that hard to make up:
* Haunted Houses + Creepy Things (Movies)
* Costumes, Dressing Up, and Going Trick-Or-Treating
* Candy, Sweet Things You Receive (Like Dove Chocolates, Candy Corn, Milkey Ways, Three Muskateers).
Those are the three basic things that make up Halloween. Plus monsters, decorations, and more!
The "my" peoples favorite holidays are three basic ones:
- Halloween
- ThanksGiving
- Christimas
October, November and December. We call the three months they are together "The My Spectialty" A lot of blogs + Activites, It's a real hit. This is what we want YOU to do. Comment to us. Which one is your favorite holiday? Sumbit a few pictures. Thanks a bunch!
- Rachel :) :)