Hey, Yo, Chow and hi peeps!!! Dis' be Rachel's #1 blog!!! SO.... Have you ever heard of Alvin And The Chipmunks!? See them movie!? The Squeak Virtion!? Or some photo of Alvin, and his two chipmunks, bros. Simon (Kinda tall, Glasses, Smarty Tail, The ''Brains'', and blue sweat shirt!) And last, Theadore (Small, green jacket, little voice)!? If you have.... AWESOME!!! Cauze' my blog for the weekend is about the chipmunk's amazing sining!!!! (My fave. song they did was Funky Town!!!! If you look up MyVideo, or MySong on MyKatieandRachel and search ''Alvin And The Chipmunks Funky Town'' it will come and you can listen to it!!! It's really awesome, hip, and TOTALY cool!!!! Katie and I love the chipmunk's songs!!!  About any vertion of a regular song, the chipmunks have sang it before!!!! I even sometimes search google for some photo of the chipmunks, and I update some pics on MyKatieandRachel, or send some pics to Katie!!!! I have seen the 1rst video before.... I'm a big fan of it!!! I've havn't seen there receant  video, ''The Squeak Virtion'' But it looks awesome!!! Everybody knows Alvin (TOTALY cool, him and the MOST awesome one of the gang') If you havn't seen the 1rst vid. check it out!!!! Anyway MORE about there songs I just love the chipmunks voices, and how they sing their songs, other songs to check out are: ''I Had A Bad Day'' And some other AWESOME music!!!!!