Hey peeps!!!! It's Rachel bloggin' to you! (Our Fans!!!) On the webernet!!! SO... latley i've been playing ALOT on my D.s./D.s. i!!!! Katie came over Friday for a sleepover we played the amazing, and very fun NEW game ''Wild World, Animal Crossing!!!'' It's really fun cauze Katie lives in London, and I live in Home, so we can do (D.S. to D.S.) together and visit ejuthers worlds!!! Our worlds are acshally REALLY similur!!! Katie just lives in a blue house, has different neighnors, AKA ''animals,'' and has peaches on her trees!!! Mine is totaly different, I have LOTS of neighbors too!!!! (But I have cherry, NOT peaches!!) But when Katie and I visited ejuthers worlds we brang peaches and cherrys from London and home!!!!!! And we each brought ejuther three insanley awesome presents!!!! Then we bought stuff from the other world in the two shops (Both in Home and London!!!) Tom Nook's Shop (He sells everything like T.V.'s, Plants, Paper, Note In The Bottle!!!!!) OH..... and the Able sisters!!!!!! They sell a bunch of super-cool close, we take all the things buy, and by the beach we make a Friendship Garden, and put colorfull blocks of cloths on them from the Able Sisiters!!!! We also buy ejuther gifts, and text ejuther the location of the gift so they get it!!!! Katie or I ushally text ejuther back when one of us get's the other a gift to say ''Thanx!!!!!'' What's really cool is we can build our home larger!!!! (By colecting bells!! (AKA money!!!!!) and we can EVEN decorate our house!!!!!!!! After where done playing in one world, the person visiting leaves, and we switch worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a LOT of fun!!!!!!!!! You should try it out!!!!! The game is called, ''Animal Crossing!!!!!!!!!!!!''
-Rachel!!! :)