Rachel here.
Hey everybody' Tis, me Rachel, Webernet start, from the "my" site, Know what I mean? SO...Are website is growing bigger and bigger. Right? More pages, more pics, more blogs! But, It's time to give it some EVEN mroe fun. Not only is there going to be MyMascot Page, There is going to be an Art Contest Page! You can draw stuff on ''Paint'' in your computer, copy it, and sumbit it, and give it to the "my" site! We will sumbit it on the page, and vote for our favorites!!! Also, we are sumbiting NEW pics to the Pet Page, of your favorite celebrity pets! We have brand new comments, and are thinking of doing a NEW mynewspaper. We want your Thought Pots and comments! Please stay loyal to your national website! Sumbit your pics, songs, videos, halloween stuff, sumbit stories, ideas, crafty jokes, send us comments, state your opinion for the website. Have any new page ideas? Great! Then express your feelings! Be really creative with it and fun. We are going to get MyArtsy so get to the stuff!!! We will even sumbit pics of Sadie eating patatoes, And we will have a special page just for you, Where you can right stuff and make your own acount. We will do silly stories, and have some fun!! Please comment to us, and support  the "my" site, The more you do  that, The more fun activities lie ahead. Excited? + Sumbit scary stories, Wooohhh!
Your My People,