Hey peeps! This be Rachel! (BTW Guess what!? I'm getting a NEW puppy, if you havn't heard!) It's a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) It's mostly black, brown, blond and white!! :) It is SUPER cute, and adorible. I LOVE it so much! Let me tell you the most awesome stuff about my NEW BFF, and my amazing poochy pup! Here are some reasons my NEW dog, Sadie! Is out-of-this-world AWESOME:
(1.) When I visited her (at her breeder's home) she licked me CONSTANTLY! (BTW she slept on me, she's totaly tired! And she was so crazy, and wild! WOW! :)
(2.) She LOVES to play, she's like a hiper baby! Well.... She is!? But, who cares. How awesome is she? Totaly! Don't you think?
(3.) She's so adorible, she looks just SO like a full breed Sheltie! Her face is so miny, and tiny! (She's as tiny, maybe a little bigger than a cup! I'm talking the truth! Tea cup Sadie! IMPOSSIBLE!! :)
(4.) ---- She has the BEST coloring, she's REALLY pretty!!!!
Those are some reasons Sadie is AWESOME! And, guess what? This week i'm adding some cute puppy picks of HER! in our amazing MyPhoto Gallery so check back! 'Cauze it's happening!!!!
Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!! :)