Hello people of the world!
It's Rachel, and we've got a problem and we need your help (The ''my'' fans, OFCOURSE!) To solve the problem. Heres we are: Katie got a few guppies! I think 2 girls, and one boy. AT FIRST, Katie couldn't WAIT for her gubbie's to have babys, Because she thought it would be SO cute! The first one had babys, BUT....The bad news is that Katie's Guppies WILL NOT STOP REPEATING THEMSELVES! Now all of them are having babys. She will end up with 500...She dosn't have the Guppies Space, and dosn't know what to do with em'! I gave her a tank, But it was to teency to fit 500 guppie babys! Now she's stuck, But not alone! She has millions of guppies. We are asking you: What should Katie do, She dosn't want anything to happen to them. But how can she store so many cute guppie babys? Now, Here's your part: Comment or @ us your idea how Katie can be helped by her issue! Say a way that it could solve Katie's problem...We will look at them and have a voting on October 26th, 2010, So your job is get started and workin' tour brain, and coming up with good ideas!!!
Thanks a bunch!!!!! :) :) :) :)
- Rachel Out