Hi peoples of earth! It's the #1 blogger IN THE WORLD bloggin' to you (The fans of MyKatieandRachel) 24/7! Don't beleive us? Than tuff meatloaf! (Isn't that a cool saying)?
Well, I was just thinking! What should I do this for BNAB (Brand New Awesome Blog) ----- Then I thought Katie-Neize! (Here's the story, I was playing a D.S. game (to surprise Katie) and in her spare time, she went on my lap top, into notepad. And wrote something called ''Katie-Neize'' her own private, but AWESOME language! I'm gonna show it to you gies!
My Thoughts... (Katie and Rachels's Phares)
Cheesey Puffs of Lookin' Good (Katie LOVES mozerella chocolite BARS!)
Calender Mayhem Buff Likes (Rachel want to dip mayo in the earth, and see if it would be creamy or an overdue!)
Villie Millie Willie Billie Woah...! (What does that mean ''Bubba'' Cupid?)
Smashin' Pumpkins of Great Gravy (You are as ROOD as Mr. Mario!)
HOLY CHEESE MACKROLS OF PIE!!!!! (Just 'cause Katie loves cash, dosn't mean she forgots about the coins!)
Snap-a-doodle Cheesey Mackaroones (What if Rachel went to mars? Would she meet Mr. Astroid!)
Holly Doodles (iLOVE cheese ----- chedder or regular!)
Snapple Apple Pie of Sweety Macklins (BFF, means Rachel and Katie!)
Magical Elves of Sweenersville (Rachel thinks onions are SUPER gross! Why? Why? And MORE Why?)
POP, LOCK, SNAPPLE LAPPLE DOLLY (Just because isay Bobo, dosn't mean i'm hobo-ish?''
Flyin' Snapperlins of Switzerland's Depths (Wow! I didn't know you could breck a a block! Didn't that hurt?''
Magical Flyer Mayhem of Norway and China's Great Wall Bricks (If ibe bored! So what? People are allowed to!''
Pop Like You Mean it When it Rains Cone-Shaped Pie (Where is my half 1 quarter best-bud carrot cake? I demand it!)
Notes of a Worlock's Hair (MBD means My Beatiful dodo!)
Copper and Silver Make MaWee (Bemine bubby-lime!)
Xavier; O Popple Brains!! (Why is your hair ''pretty pink''!)
Untitled Manakins (BLA! BLA! I say... BLA!)
Ice Cream Mash of Fruity Ice (Maybe 'Cauze ibump bubbys!)
Cheesey Fladoodles (iTurn Into ''Magical'' Fairy!)
Caprocorn Dude Ness Makes Yummy In A Mummy's Tummy (---- Why? 'Don't get it!?)
Kack the Fruit (Organgey makes iHUNGRY!)
Snuggle the Juggle (How does ''dodos'' make life better? They DON'T!)
Well gotta run! L8R,
Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)