Hey peeps! 'Tis I, Rachel! May 2nd, 2010 was Lassie 14th birthday! HURRAY! And to celebrate it... We have a NEW blog for you about her! Lassie LOVED people food! She ate a cheesburger right of my plate! Can you beleive it? I was pretty mad! But people food for Lassie... I HEAVEN! Just heaven... But the best thing about Lassie was her personalitie, and buety! She had kind, wise eyes, and beatifal fur, with hope, and happieness. She was fun, kind, and SUPER special! SO... together we wish her the best birthday in the UNIVERSE of MyKatieandRachel birthday bashes! Also... to celebrate Lassie's birthday we have a BRAND NEW photo-fied gallery of Lassie-full PICS! At you service that we will add this week, + WE gots a Sheltie Scavenger Hunt we will add this week, search for 10 sheltie pics find the codes, and hints! If you find em' all.... COMMENT to us about it! :) We want to hear about your success! There is even the ''Golden Pups'' Lassie and Sadie! They will be hidden the trickiest places! Like... Can't tell ya! But they are very hard! SO... Wish Lassie a happy, special birthday! Check in for Lassie pics, and Scavenger HUNTS! May isn't over for Lassie's B-Day month and we have got the whole may to show it! Lassie was always SMART! She new every important trick, she never pottied once in the house, she barked when she needed to go to the bathroom, comfroted you when you were sad, and took amazing pics! We love and honor Lassie! Happy Lassie month!
-  Rachel!!!!