Hey, so what up? Tis' I Rachel here bloggin' to you guise (our fans). 101! SO.... Like scooter and bike zoomins', cool lighting bugs, and Mario D.S.'s? If so.... AWESOME!!!!! Let me tell you the story! I was having a sleepover at Katie's house, we were playing Mario on our D.S.'s. Her mom told us that we should go outside, ride our bikes, and scooters, have fun in the fresh air + get some excersise! We REALLY didn't feel like going out but we did anyway. Katie rode her bike, and I rode her scooter down her (neighbers, and her) street we zoomed' so FAST! We were light lightning bolts of two AWESOME, and cool girls on a bunch of aquitment! Then down one street...... Guess what? we found a cute, small, and SUPER tiny lighting bug! It couldn't fly. :( It sat in Katie and I's arms, we took turns holding it, and carrying it around while the other one rode a bike or scooter! Then when we turned up at Katie's neighbor's house! That tiny little lighting bug tried to fly! And it did, I tried to look for it. But I couldn't find it. Soon, Katie and I got bored, while Katie's mom was talking to the neighbors, SO..... we drove our bikes, and scooters home, opened the garage, put them in there and went inside Katie's house! We plumped down on her big, comfy couch with our two amazing D.S.'s and playing Mario Vrs. Luigi! Talk about the life! Later on.... Katie's mom came home, it was such an awesome, cool, fun night! Well...... I gotta go do some MORE stuff for MyKatieandRachel!!!!! :)
- Rachel!!!!!!!!!!! :)