Whens Katie and I get together and have a sleepover we made a Mario Vrs. Luigi story!!! D.S. to D.S., It was called Mini-Apulas My Friend! It was when Luigi (Mario big, bad-boy, side kick)! tought in a school, as a teacher. His student, Mini-Apulas was TOTALY out of control! And Luigi heard if he made Mini-Apulas get a mini that he would be innocent + peacfull, so Luigi got Mini-Apulas, a mini, Mini-Apulas was really adventures. He loved to run away, have fun, and when he ran away  he got mushrooms, flowers and shell. Things that would make him big, so Luigi kept trying to keep him mini. He then learned every mini has a secreat code to come back anytime they run away Mini-Apulas would come back. His code was ''Mini-Apulas My Friend''. Then one day Luigi had a plan to get Mini-Apulas gone forever! So, he said  to go in a tube where a Gumby was. (A big, meanly acting creature)! He went into the tube beleiving Luigi. Then, Luigi locked the tube door on him, and  wouldn't let him out, Luigi tried to explain that Mini-Apulas bigger, future-self was mean, rood and out of control crazy! But Luigi couldn't die, so he let Mini-Apulas out. At first he was really mad at Luigi. But then later on he forgave him, they became friends, and Mini-Apulas became bigger and was finally a good student! Thats Mini-Apulas my friend! Gotta go!!!!
 - Rachel!!!!!!!! :)