Hey peeps!!! It's Rachel, the 1/2 of My Katie and Rachel!!! SO... one time I went over to Katie's house for a sleepover!!! And her dad (Uncle John) Showed us an amazing game!!! You can pick if you want to take the quest where went downstairs, where Madame Dume!! (AKA, Aunt Donna) Pretending to be Madame Dume and Katie's labador, Daisy was! Uncle John gave us 1 clue!!! The clue was for each time to find a tiny, plastic mouse hidden secreatly!!! While I found the tiny, plastic mice Katie was upstairs doing the challenge with Uncle John like arm wrestling, crazy, fun stuff! Then Katie and I switched then we made a rule Katie and I each had to carry a mouse if Uncle John got it! (I THINK we lost some points!!!) Uncle Joh was carrying a mouse too, if we got his mouse, we got LOTS of points!!! JTLYN (In one of the challenges we actully tried to steal HIS mouse!!! It was TOTALY hard!!! Then.... Katie hid downstairs (With Madame Dume, and helper dog, Daisy while I took a flashlight and had to try to find her!!!) After that.... it was pretty hard cauze if I made any noice Madame Dume (AKA Aunt Donna) Would chase me!!!! OH... and sometimes Aunt Donna wasn't always Madame Dume, sometime she was a helper!!!! But.... She still had the creepy, Madame Dume voice!!!! Then.... Katie and I each got a spider ring and 10 points!!! If we got LOTS of points, we could win our  D.S.'s back!!!! (Good ol' D.S.'s) ..... But that's not the BEST part!!!! After that.... Katie and I got creepy masks went downstairs and scared Aunt Donna!!! Well L8R, gotta go!!!!
- Rachel!!!!!!
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